Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Coral Reefs Through the Eyes of Aaron Slater

I spent two wonderful weeks last summer on Deer Isle in Maine at a papermaking workshop. I met lots of wonderfully interesting people from all over the country including Alsaka! The setting was unbelievably beautiful and the food was great! Anyway, there were several other classes going on including one in glass blowing. This 'marble', an example of lampwork, comes from one of the students in that class, Aaron Slater. As you can see he seems to have mastered lampworking and had come to Haystack to learn more about blowing glass. I fell in love with these marbles which Aaron calls coral reefs. I'm sorry that the photograph does not do it justice. He has another style called undersea coral reefs and when you look at them you feel like you are under the ocean, deep sea diving, for not only is there the reef, but also objects like jellyfish and anemones that appear to be floating in the glass. But they are hidden and you really have to search for them which is part of the fun! You seem to discover new elements in his work if you look closely. One of the most astonishing things to me is the size of the marbles, only 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter! The detail in incredible!
-- guest blogger Lou Plummer

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