Sunday, March 30, 2008

More projects!

While I've been waiting for my other sculpture to dry I've been working on other projects. It seems that one idea just leads to another.

This Raven sits on a tall post, a large ball, then a small ball. He too is in the process of drying, very............. slowly............. As I said before I've done some sculpture off and on for as long as I've been working with clay, about 10 years, (or is it 15? yikes!). I've had some issues that I never could figure out how to overcome until I read a few articles and then took 2, 2 day workshops from two very accomplished clay sculptors. One was Steve Fabrico and the other Peter King.

Their construction methods help me to build big and strong. Another thing I've done is started using a different clay body. One with more grog.

Grog is clay that is fired and then ground up and added to another clay body. It adds a gritty texture, reduces shrinkage and aids even drying. It helps prevent cracking and allows the gasses to escape during firing. It also adds structural strength to hand-built and thrown pottery during the process of shaping the clay.

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