Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Tour of Italy Installment 7 Sorrento and Capri

On our way to Sorrento we saw that everyones yard was filled with fruit trees and vegetable gardens. The soil there is very fertile from the constant erupting of Mt Viscuvious. As we approached Sorrento we starting seeing more flowers and beautiful vistas.

Our hotel in Sorrento was amazing. not right down town (but I walked it in about 25 minutes). It was part of a complex that was once a villa on the cliff looking at the Bay of Naples, Mt Visuvious, and the Isle of Capri.

Our hotel Parco Dei Principi was all done in blue and white tile. Floor to ceiling windows that made me feel at home and the grounds and pool were amazing.

This is the gate entering the grounds.

The view from our hotel.

Love Limoncello!!

The grounds were full of beautiful flowers.

Our view of Mt  Viscuvious.

The Villa that the grounds belong to.

It'a a quick boat ride to Capri from Sorrento. Both Capri Town and AnaCapri made me feel like I was in Beverly Hills. Some people might not like that but it was beautiful and I would go back.

We went on a boat ride around the island looking at the blue lagoon, a natural bridge, places where the romans and Phoenicians were. 

They even found that there were Stone Age inhabitants.The Greeks were there in 800 BC.

The Phoenician Steps (they say they could not have been built by the Phoenicians but anyway that's what they are called) went from Capri Town to Anacapri. Can't imagine making that climb.

View from Anacapri.

An ancient door leading to the Phoenician Steps.

The flowers are beautiful, the views amazing, and air is sweet.   I’m told the best time is in the evening after all the day tourists have left. I’m sure that is the case in any tourist area.

Once we got back to Sorrento I had the bus drop me off downtown, the shopping streets are the typical tourist shops, but some were quite nice. And I got some nice photos. 

A puppet show was taking place in the square and and a flea market on one of the streets.

I’m trying to travel light so only buying small, mostly consumable, items. couldn’t leave without some limoncello and lemon soap. 

Limoncello capitol!

Amazing to me that so many places with beautiful art are open to the outside.

I did NOT climb the hill from the ferry landing to the town!

After leaving Sorrento we drove to Pompei on our way to Rome!

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