Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Tour of Italy Installment 5 Padua and Pisa and on to Florence

After leaving Venice we stopped at Padua.

Known as Padova in Italian, Padua may be the oldest city in northern Italy, with its 12th-century BC founding by Trojans. It has a famous University (one of Europe’s oldest, from 1222), the 13th-century Basilica di Sant'Antonio (resting place of St. Anthony), and Scrovegni Chapel, with Giotto’s 14th century frescos. 

The Prato della Valle, a 950,000-square-foot elliptical square, is Europe’s second-biggest.

The Basilica was stunning. 

All through Italy I was shocked to see so much grafitti, it puts ours to shame. Fortunately it wasn't in the historic districts.

During this tour we hit many of the major tourist areas of Italy, so could not miss the leaning tower. It was bigger than I imagined and surrounded by other beautiful buildings.

We also saw miles and miles of vineyards, and lots of intriguing looking hill towns.

Next stop Florence!

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