Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Tour of Italy Installment 4 Venice Continued

The last afternoon I walked all over the island, got lost, found my way, got lost and found my way again. 

You remember I talked about loving the windows, well here are a bunch of photos I took of them.

I walked to the back of the city, away from the crowds, by the hospital, and down streets with shuttered stores, vegetable vendors, the computer fixer and a few other local service people. 

This is far away from the high rent district and just the spot for some artist studios. 

Florence Faval

Across the street was a mosaic artist with a helper who cut the marble for her. If I went back I would spend more time finding the artists.

As I rounded the corner I came upon mass being said in the street. 

I finally found my way back to San Marco Square and sat down and listened to the music...

watched the sunset over the Basilica of San Marco... 

and - I usually don't take photos of my food but this was my dinner that evening.

Fruit, gelato, and limoncello!

The next morning we boarded our water taxis again and said goodbye to Venice and headed toward Padua, Pisa and Florence.

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