Monday, August 31, 2015

Lindsay Art Glass New at Carolina Creations

We have just received work from glass artist David Lindsay.

David speaks about his life and work....

I create all of my own work with the help of one experienced glass assistant in my studio. I have a traditional glassblowing studio with a furnace in which I melt clear and black glass on a regular basis along with blue or green occasionally.

I purchase other colors in the form of powdered enamels, frit (different sized chips of glass) or bars of colored glass that are incorporated in my designs with what is melted in the furnace.

I also create parts such as murrini (complex layered glass rods) made in an Italian style to become inclusions in my work. I often incorporate dichroic glass, 23K gold leaf, silver nitrate, tin chloride and other materials into my work in order to produce certain effects. Continually striving for excellence, I journey through the creative process for self fulfillment.

Fire, combined with natural elements, allows me to orchestrate the extraordinary art of glass making. My fascination with color, texture, and form, has kept me on a thirty year quest for excellence in design and craftsmanship.

After 6 years as an apprentice (right out of high school) and 15 years as a partner in a successful glass studio, I attended the Pilchuck Glass School in the summer of 1998 and Haystack School of Mountain Crafts in 1999.

In 1997, David was nominated by his fellow glass artists to serve as a juror for the American Crafts Council. 

We are honored to have his work in our gallery!

For sizes and prices click here.

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