Saturday, August 22, 2015

New York

I've just returned from a work trip to New York.

I usually stay near Grand Central, right across the street is Pershing Square Restaurant. I will not admit how many times I eaten there. Its convenient, beautiful, the food is always good and its quiet. Not being a foodie I don't need to try all the fancy places in town.

I always try to take a little time off while there to look around. This year my friend Deb and I went to Roosevelt Island via the tram. It was a fun ride over the river. The tram parallels the Queensboro Bridge, which is a beautiful structure.

An artist we both know has just moved there, it's like a bedroom community to Manhattan, very quiet.

Then we walked up to the Central Park Zoo. As many times as I've been in NYC I have never been in Central Park. It was beautiful.

My niece is in charge of birds at the Toledo zoo. She visited a few months ago, along with 2 co-workers. One of them used to work at the zoo so I promised I would visit. I really enjoyed the penguins and other large birds.

The flowers were beautiful and we got to hear and watch the clock.

We then took the subway to Chelsea Market and walked the high line back to 30th.

I'm not sure how many blocks we walked but it was a lot! from 42nd to 60th, through the zoo to Columbus Circle, then from 14th to the Highline to 34th. I slept well that night!

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