Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tree of Life by Carolina Creations artists

Tree of Life fused glass jewelry

Many of our artists are creating art depicting the Tree of Life - 

The Tree of Life is a metaphor in science, religion, philosophy and mythology. It has meaning in nearly every culture across the globe, connecting us all to one another.
Some of the things the Tree of Life symbolizes are

- What man can accomplish, a seed grows into a trunk (an idea), which leads more branches, to another, and another, as the branches (ideas) keep going, one feeding on another.

- Your family tree, you share roots that link you to the past, and the branches of your tree continue to multiply, where we come from and who comes from us.


I phone leather cases
- Life, ancestry, mythology, history, hope for the future, all things are interconnected.

Tree of life sun catchers
My mother was a genealogist so the idea of the tree of life has been something I've thought about my entire life.

We wrote down where we came from, filling in each branch with a name and dates.
aluminum wall sculpture

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