Monday, February 23, 2015

Sculpture for the home or garden

Metal figurative sculpture for the garden or home by Artist Gail Chavenelle have arrived! We asked Gail to talk to us about her sculptures and what inspires her.

As Gail explains......
Beginning with childhood paper dolls, chains, pop-up books and greeting cards, I have been intrigued by paper sculpture. I loved the forms, but wanted the works to be more permanent.

Instead of a sheet of paper, I work with a sheet of 20-22 gauge steel. I am interested, as with paper sculpture, in creating expanded and three-dimensional images from a flat sheet. Now they last.

I am also excited about exploring movement in sculpture and my pieces move in the breeze. Finally, I am interested in accessible, affordable art, sized for apartment and garden - the ordinary sized spaces in which we live. 

The pieces have been called "Sketches In Metal". 

I do cold working sheet metal, and hand or laser cuts one-piece images and fold and bend them into 3-D forms. I explore metal's kinetic movement, so pieces can bounce, fly, or dance on its tensile strength.

In the garden the pieces can be stuck in the ground and we also have bases for them if you wish to have them in your home.

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