Monday, February 09, 2015

Cape Cod Underpainting Class with Mike Rooney

We are pleased to announce a workshop exploring the Cape Cod Method of Underpainting.
Learn the how-to's of painting with the sparkling color of the impressionists.
This will be a plein air class, painting outdoors in New Bern.
Thursday, June 25 through Saturday June 27, 2015

The roots of this technique go back to Monet and go thru Hawthorne and Henry Hensche (who taught it on Cape Cod) to today's colorists Susan Sarback, Peggy Kroll Roberts, Camille Prezwodek and others. 

Mike will include the importance of using the correct values, and you will do block studies as taught at  the Cape School to train your eye to see color, the method of laying down warm pure color on the "sun" shapes and cool colors for the "shadow" shapes. Take your use of color to the next level with mike's easy going instruction.

level: students must be comfortable mixing any color they see

student fee: $300 for three day workshop

9-4 daily with 1 hour for lunch (bring your lunch or go out)
We will be painting outside but will meet at the Francoeur's studio at 229 E Front Street each morning. Parking on Pollock Street.

Suggested Materials List:
Note: Mike suggests that you do a 6” x 8” painting with your supplies before the workshop to see if you’re missing anything you might need. Some of these things you can live without, some you can't!

This list is what Mike carries but if you're an experienced, bring what you like the best, and feel free to substitute.  

OIL OR ACRYLIC PAINT (if you use acrylic bring slow dry medium)
Yellow Ochre
*Cadmium Yellow Light
*Cadmium Red Light
Alizarin Crimson
*Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue
Cadmium Orange Hue
Sap Green 
Cadmium Violet or some version of Purple
*Large tube of Titanium White
*= must have these. the other colors are what mike uses and if you'd like to, bring them too.
He uses Lukas Oil paint . it drys very fast and has excellent handling properties.
PALETTE- inexpensive wood or plastic

PAINTING PANELS (not canvases) two 9x12 painting panels (no bigger than 12x16-and only then if you're a very fast painter) for each day of the workshop. 

Panel Holders- to carry wet panels around without smearing them or getting paint all over everything. You can get some online from Raymar or bring some pizza boxes to throw the paintings into.

Cheap watercolor paper pad for exercises; 8” x 10” or 9x12, 140 #

Brushes- any stiff synthetic brush like Princeton 6300’s or Silver Bristlon (or your own favorites) in sizes 2, 4, and 8 (12 if you are painting big). Also if you have a Michaels Craft Store nearby you can use the brand American Painter. Find the stiffest synthetic. Also need a synthetic Liner (also called a Rigger) brush. Its thin and very long for detail work

Palette knife; metal small blade and medium blade. bring a large blade if you are painting big.
Easel or Pochade

Medium- Liquin Original- a fast dry medium for oil paints. excellent for underpainting too. A small bottle will do.

A lightweight tray or portable table (if you don't have french easel or pochade box) to put your materials on makes your life much easier, particularly in the field; it’s not required but will keep you from having to bend up and down all day.

Photographs; a few, detailed, landscape photos for days when it rains or it’s too hot outside; photos with good light and shadow pattern (stark difference between what’s being struck by the light and what’s in shadow).

Odorless mineral spirits
Container for the spirits
Paper towels
Digital Camera
Proper clothing and a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun out of your eyes (for when we work outside on block studies)
Very optional; Bug spray, drinking water, painting umbrella, roll of duck tape, some clamps from Home Depot come in handy too.
Put all the stuff in a large backpack (suitcase on wheels works well too)
If you have questions about materials, after you register for the class, you can email Mike Rooney:

Bio: Mike Rooney is a popular workshop instructor, teaching painting workshop classes from Maine, to Key West, Florida, as well as abroad in Cuba and Italy. Mike has a very laid back style of teaching, which makes learning easy and fun. He has made 7 instructional painting DVD's for a national art supply company and his work is collected by individuals and companies worldwide. He's also been published several times in a book on North Carolina plein air painters.

If you don't live nearby there are hotels and b & b's in close proximity.
Courtyard by Marriott across the street
DoubleTree 1 block away
Bridgepointe 3 blocks away
B and B's
The Meadows Inn across the street
Harmony House 1/2 block away
Hanna House 1/2 block away
Aerie B and B 3 blocks away

If you don't bring your lunch there are numerous restaurants 2 blocks away.

Email us with any questions

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