Friday, May 09, 2014

New Copper Enamel Tiles

We met Houston a little over a year ago and have been thrilled with the response to his work.

Glass on copper is his art form.

We just got some beautiful new pieces in!

The Process

The glass is applied to one side of the metal using stencils and relying on precise layering with hand sifters. The piece is only fired once.

After firing, a pin is rolled over the enameled metal to form intentional crazing marks in the glass. Although it goes against the medium's traditional teachings, Houston says this technique creates increased light refraction, particularly in the transparent glass, and allows for easier malleability.

Like all beautiful enamel works, the results are best seen in person to fully appreciate the effect. 

Every Spiritile is handmade according to the same dimensions following the golden mean ratio. With a quirky smile, Houston likes to say these artworks are “Created as windows of the enlightened spirit,” inspiring those who interact with them.

While every piece has its own unique essence, all are created to live in community with the others, giving an eclectic collector limitless possibilities of personal expression.

 It is Houston’s aspiration that every gallery representing Spiritiles be a place to seek the unusual - the moving - the enlightened element for the environment of the collector.

A great gift - a delightful and cherished collectible to be enjoyed every day for generations. Spritiles bring smiles, inspiration and light everywhere the go. There's a perfect Spiritile for every special occasion.

Hang them - on walls, patio, porch post. Spiritiles find good homes in quiet corners and busy, sunny spaces Sunshine never fades them, they just shine all the brighter. A little rain won't hurt. Spiritiles bring light and levity everywhere they go.

Display them - on your windowsill, mantle, bookshelf or desk. Spiritiles stand up alone and like to cozy up with budding flower pots, warm fires and good books. 
Collect them - to lighten the spirit of your world. Spiritiles love to shine together - and make glowing friends for other eclectic art.

Admire them - from daylight to dark. Spiritiles shine a little different as the light changes and capture your eye at the most surprising moments.
Here are a few of the newest and you can see more on our website

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