Thursday, February 28, 2013

What a month!

We've just returned from Florida where we spent the last 28 days!

Since 2012 was a tough year for us healthwise we decided a  sabbatical was in order. After 24 years of a week here and there off and vacations often tacked on to a business trip, we determined we were due a rest.

For those who know me - I am easily bored so am always busy, I can't just sit and watch tv, I watch tv and read a book, watch tv and do pottery, read a book and listen to the radio, even when I paint I listen to the NPR news station, an hour of sitting doing nothing kind of scares me - so when we were packing I took lots of books, magazines I hadn't had time to read, paperwork I was behind on, my computer, my printer, on and on.

The first week I did all of the above, the 2nd week I read, swam and rode my bike, the third week more of the same (except I had to go to work for a few days in Philadelphia), then the fourth week repeated week 2. Lots of articles left unread, a few small paintings finished and one big one started but literally we did nothing for much of the time.

Where we went in Florida there really wasn't much else to do. Even though we were on the edge of a huge city. No great shops, nothing to take photos of, no distratiions from just resting within 40 miles!

Which reminds me - we are so lucky to live in a thriving small town with a beautiful Downtown that everyone cares about. Nice, unique shops. Where we were in the middle of Florida there were 2 nice shops, one by itself and the other on a nice street of shopping with small clothing boutiques, a few art galleries and a craft shop or two. And both were an hour or more from where we were staying - through horrible traffic.

But the weather was beautiful and the place we stayed was like an oasis in the middle of chaos - so despite not getting a retail fix we had a wonderful time.

So now - back to work!

Good thing I love my work or it would have been hard to come back. Thanks to Lou, Donna's, Irene, David and Lori for holding down the fort. We're already planning for the next one!

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