Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Twins Jane and Nancy Horner Paintings and Fiber Art

Carolina Creations Fine Art and Contemporary Craft Gallery, 317 Pollock St, Downtown New Bern announces their show for April and May, T W I N S.  The opening reception will be during the March ArtWalk, March 8, 5-8 pm.

One 20ft wall divided in half presents the artworks of identical twins Jane and Nancy Horner.   The exhibited works are expressions of two distinctly individual lives.



While living in western Alaska among the Yupik Eskimo communities, Nancy was inspired by their strong culture.  For the Yupik, the realities of life on the delta underlined the practicality of their traditional culture. Living in a difficult clime, far from job centers and sources of supplies, some still rely on the land for food. Their fishing, trapping, sealing and berry picking are not sentimental reminders of a bygone way of life.  They are practical necessities.  They depend on a close relationship with land, animals, the sea and the spirit world. Alaskan Yupik are upterrlainarluta”,,, always getting ready.”

The artist and her twin, Jane, were born in Springfield, Illinois. Nancy resides in Cary, North Carolina.  She has 3 sisters, 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters. She received a BS in Nutrition (UNCG) and an MA in Community Education (Appalachian State University). She is a Registered Dietitian and a Licensed Nutritionist, and worked as a Public Health Nutritionist for 25 years.

Her skills include beading, weaving, fabric art, doll making, watercolor and assemblage.



Jane majored in studio arts and art history, first a BFA, and next traveling to Europe. She then earned a Master of Fine Arts from UNCG, and took off for New Mexico, Washington, DC, Cape Cod and Boston before settling in Northern Vermont for 30 years. Jane lives in New Bern now.

She has worked in the professions of archaeological illustration and fieldwork, early childhood education materials and garden restoration.  Primarily, her life experience is within the world of Fine Arts:  active as a curator of contemporary art, the teaching of drawing and painting, and the making and exhibiting of her own art. She is a Fellow of both the Fine Arts Work Center of Provincetown, MA, and the McDowell Colony of Peterborough, NH. Her grants include the Colman Trust for New England Artists and several grants from the Vermont Arts Council. She is a life-long artist.

Exhibition venues continue to be galleries, art centers, museums and universities -- upon large walls of concert halls, vacant buildings, skylights and atriums, and ordinary walls; and in Montreal and VT, Boston and Cape Cod, North Carolina, Atlanta, North Dakota, Johannesburg, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Inari, Finland.

The work for this show includes paintings and silk screen prints.

“Throughout her work there is a consistent core of interests: light, a keen understanding of color, and a quest for elegance of form.  There is also a never-ending air of discovery in the artist’s work that clearly illustrates an ability to integrate knowledge, wisdom and skill to realize her personal vision.”

                 --Marc Awodey, ( 1957-2012)  critic, poet and painter, Vermont,

“My work is informed by process. It is an exploratory naturally ebullient way of working that is beyond product”  --Jane Ellen Horner

Twins will run through April 30 at Carolina Creations. Hours are 10-6 Monday-Saturday and 11-3 Sunday. For more information contact the gallery at 252-633-4369, email info@carolinacreations.com, or visit the website at www.carolinacreations.com.

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