Sunday, February 17, 2013

We listen to our customers

A while back a customer came in and told us about a beverage insulator that fits over any sized bottle - made in North Carolina! So we hunted them down and they have arrived!

They'll be great for Father's Day and for all of us this summer.

One size fits all!!

Here is a little more information about them, along with instructions for use!

Truly a one-size-fits all bottle insulator! Keeping your hands dry and your drinks cold is the new fashion-jam. Made in the Freakin USA — Home of the Brave, Land of the Freaks.

But wait, whats that you say? You have a baby but you also enjoy bum-wine? Is the Freaker for you? A match made in heaven, gumdrop. One-Size-Fits-All is no fib or fable. Your little one’s sippy cup can be just as freaked as your forty ounces of Colt. And also your mom’s wine and your kid sister’s Nalgene and your dad’s beer and the vase you sometimes regretably send flowers to your ex in.


Freakers Effectively Prevents Unwanted Bottle-Sweat ***


Get a Freaker


Get a Beverage


Grasp the Freaker & mount the beverage on a flat surface. Gently pull the Freaker downwards. Be sure the bottom reaches the base  of your beverage.


Congratulations, my friend. You've been freaked!

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