Thursday, January 17, 2013

New pottery design for new year

I hand decorate each piece of our Celebration Pottery. The pieces are variations on a theme, a house, flowers, fence, path with or without words, or a beach, house, boat, flowers, people, with or without words, or a boat on the river/sound/ocean, or flowers with or without words, etc. Each piece is different.

This year I decided it was time (and in previous posts I've talked about taking more time off - time off from the business of art and spending more time on the creating of it) to add a new theme. It will take me about 20 pieces to work out the best colors but my new theme will be a basket with flowers and bird or birds.

Here are my first two!

I've also decided to redo my basic drawing for the churches that I do tiles of. I'm changing them all into a square format so that I can have coasters/trivets made of them. I hand paint each but use the same basic layout over and over. Here are my first two - original format - new format.
Original First Baptist tile design
My new First Baptist design!

Original First Pres tile design
New First Pres tile design

Next will probably be Christ Church. I already have Centenary in a square format.

I'm excited at the thought that this early in the year I am getting some new ideas! I'll keep you posted as I come up with more.

Thanks for reading!

Jan Francoeur

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