Friday, January 25, 2013

I Heart This Heart shaped plastic cutlery

IHeart Cutlery

When I was in NY last winter I met with some young people who belonged to a group of inventors from Brooklyn. One of the things I was most drawn to was this cutlery. 


Here's what the artist has to say about her invention.


How cute and clever are these!  Wait, what are they, you ask?  They are a fork, and a knife.  Oh! and a scooper!  Yup, three in one.  And that is on each side of the heart!


I hope you think about how good looking the Heart Parts are before you throw them away into the sea of 40 billion other plastic forks that contributed to the landfills in the US last year. They have been made with so much love, that i hope you will love them too much to throw them away.


First you'll think about hand/dish washing them, next you'll think about whether it will fit in your wallet. I thought about that too and designed them dishwasher friendly and small enough to fit in your pocket. 


Do both for as long as you can, and when you're ready to throw them away, know that not only are they made with 6% less plastic than regular cutlery, but they are also 100% biodegradable. I hope you enjoy disposing of them guilt free.

And when you break the whole heart into parts, I hope you know you are in part sharing your meal with someone in the world who really needs one. With my 'Have a Heart' program, i am committed to contributing a % of my profits towards causes that are close to your hearts.  


These clever utensils fit nicely in your lunch bag and come in a package of 10 for $10.95. To order click here.


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