Monday, September 26, 2011

Very sexy ceramic clocks

When we were at BMAC this summer we stopped and talked to David Carson. We've seen his work many times but never stopped and talked. The work was always beautiful but not really what we were looking for. Well this time he had exactly what we were looking for!

These Clocquette's are a great size, are well done and are well priced!

On top of that we really liked David which is really important to us, we sell great art by people we like.

David's booth was across from our friend Clayton Dickson, whose work we've sold for years. Frick and Frack their badges said..... I won't go into the story but we had a fun time talking to them both.

We're looking forward to many more Cloquette's! We've shown just a few on our website so you'll have to stop in to see the rest.

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  1. Well... I think I should be blushing!
    Later tonight I will explain the Frick and Frack thing on my own blog. (
    Thanks Jan - wait 'til you see the new stuff we're working on for January.