Monday, September 05, 2011

American Craft Week Essay Contest


Write an Essay and Win a gift certificate for $250   

I am on the board of the CRAFT Retailers and Artists Association for Tomorrow - CRAFT - and for the second year we are sponsoring American Craft Week October 7-16. We will have demonstrations at Carolina Creations during that week. 

Across the nation artists, galleries and museums will be celebrating American made crafts. 

This year we are holding two essay contests. You can enter one or both topics. There will be one prize for each topic.

Essay Topics:

Topic 1:  Cultural roots of American craft
Many forms of American craft have their roots in one of the multitude of ethnic groups that make up the rich cultural life of the U.S. today, or in a particular period of our country's history. Talk about one of these that has particular meaning to you, and tell us its "story". (Example:  sweet grass baskets and their roots in African slave groups, and their agricultural use in early America).
Topic 2:  Importance of craft in contemporary American society
Making, buying, collecting and learning about American craft is "hot" now for many reasons. Why? Trends such as eco-awareness, reactions against the flood of cheap imported goods, recognition of the importance of buying locally, a desire to use one's hands in this digital age are all some examples of what is driving a renewed interest in American craft. What do you think the reasons are for American craft's resurgence today? What do you think means for the future of American craft?

Contest Rules

  • If entering both topics, submit them separately
  • Deadline is October 30, 2011    You must include the following:
    • Your name - Mailing address - Phone Number - Email Address
    • Your favorite American Craft Week Participant (include city and state) hopefully it will be Carolina Creations!!! 
  • Either mail your entry to:
    • American Craft Week, 1530 East Boulevard, Charlotte, NC  28203
  • Or email it to 
  • Look for the winning entry at in December, and in this newsletter. 
  • Members of the CRAFT Board and their immediate families are not eligible.

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