Monday, September 19, 2011

Ankle Update

It's been 42 days since I crashed my bike and broke my ankle. The first bones I've ever broken.

It has been an experience and guess I have a while to go to get back to normal. The first 10 days were the hardest. The 1st 3 days just had a splint, so the swelling would go down. Every time I moved it was excruciating, the bones moved every time I did.

Then I had surgery, putting a couple plates in and about 8 screws to put my ankle back together. Again, a splint for a week, ankle above heart, hurt like hell. The next two weeks the pain lessened a little each day and this past week it hasn't hurt much, that is until I went to bed. Unless my foot was straight up it hurts when the ankle/metal presses against the cast.

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On Monday I got the cast off and got a boot. I've been told I should be at full weight bearing in 2-3 weeks. I decided to try to sleep without the boot and it was WONDERFUL! The ankle is very stiff and the incisions are really tender.

I started PT and got some excercises to do at home. The 2nd time I went to PT the ankle really losend up. Go back next Wednesday so we'll see what kind of progress I can make before then.
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It's been a nice month actually, I've gotten a lot of work done, a new card for my 2011 ornament, lots of commissioned pottery pieces, a new painting of First Presbyterian Church, a new painting of Centenary United Methodist Church, a new Family Circle, a print to go with "A Slice of New Bern", I've worked on our website, worked on A Dickens of a Christmas in Downtown New Bern, read a couple books and generally slowed down a little.

Michael has taken the brunt of my slow down picking up the pieces, waiting on me and hauling me around.

Looking forward to being mobile! Starting to get the hang of the crutches.

The best thing about the whole experience so far is that slow down. Maybe it will be a new trend for me!

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