Thursday, August 05, 2010

Q Evon

We are always looking for new North Carolina artists that do exceptional work - meet Q Evon!

Q Evon is a leader in the handcrafted jewelry world. Her new collection, named “D.I.G,” is built on the concept that jewelry doesn’t have to be made from materials unethically and harmfully extracted from the earth. For Q, making socially responsible jewelry is not just the “in” thing to do, it has been the foundation of her work for a decade.

She uses gold and silver that have been recycled.

Q Talks about her work - "While attending Parsons School of Design I discovered my greatest skill was in wax carving. With this skill, and a passion for medieval metalwork and architecture, Q Evon Design was born. 

After ten years of doing production jewelry, I realized I needed to expand my skills to move in a new artistic direction. I began studying privately with a master metalsmith and continue this study today.

My current body of work includes fabrication, granulation, acid etching, reticulation & casting of gold, silver, and argentium. During this exploration, I found that incorporating a variety of methods brings about a richness in texture that gives each piece the unique and timeless quality that i strive for in my work.
My work has always reflected a love for ancient metalwork and architecture. My current collections combine both gold and silver with an emphasis on texture. Reticulation, anti-clastic raising, acid etching, granulation, roller printing and the ancient art of keum-boo are combined to create rich metal tapestry.
Each piece is as unique as the individual that chooses to wear my designs."

Evon's designs are a beautiful study in architecture for the body. ... understated elegance that become apparent the moment one is worn.” -New York Times ...

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