Monday, August 30, 2010

More New Paintings

Here are a few more new paintings for my upcoming show.
This first painting is an oil and about 11 x 14, the photo appears as though the gate is crooked, it is not!
This is my favorite!
I feel like I really made a breakthrough with this one. It's an acrylic. Having worked in watercolor and ink so long I get a little frustrated working with oils. They take so long to dry. I end up with it all over me.
When I still had my Lucy I looked down and there was red all over her beautiful white fur. I panicked! Is she bleeding? No it was a small spot of red paint the size of a dime that turned into a huge spot.

I miss my Lucy.
This is a small painting I did during Mike Rooney's workshop, oil, 8 x 10. I like the simplicity of it. Unlike the complexity of my watercolors but I like the complexity of those!

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