Monday, April 26, 2010

Sea Life Sculpture by Vicki Sutton

New clay sculpture by Vicki Sutton has just arrived!

These fabulous pieces hang on the wall and range from 6 to 18" tall.

Vicki, a North Carolina artist, talks about her work.

My passion for clay developed during my time as a student when taking my first life modeling class and while earning my bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture at the College of Design at North Carolina State University. For over 18 years I have been expressing myself through clay.

My forms are heavily influenced by texture and pattern. Starting with a slab or coil of clay and then then twisting, tearing or pinching a unique form emerges.

While shaping each creation, I can feel the connection between the clay and the subject. This allows each piece to have its own individual voice.

There are a lot more pieces in this collection! Please stop in and check them out or to purchase or see the sizes go to our website by clicking here.

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