Saturday, December 12, 2009

What else is hot Ring holders, Bubble bath cupcakes, Carolina Hookers

One of our newer additions to our Personal Care section is a Bubble Bath Cupcake! These go out so fast I haven't had time to put them on our website.

I took a bath with one this morning and couldn't believe the bubbles! It was just like in the movies and the bubbles were still thick when I got out. I've never had bubble bath do that before. Great for your daughter. your wife, or maybe the two of you?!

The ever popular Carolina Hooker is great for that hard to buy for, has everything, kid of a guy. They all seem to get a kick out of getting a hooker for a gift.

It comes with a great story about how these two gentlemen met and came up with the idea.

You use it to flip meat on the grill.

We've sent them all over the country. See how to order a Carolina Hooker.

Blown glass ring holders are blowing out of the gallery.

When I met Terry this summer he told me about how people order them over and over and over. Well he was right! They make a great gift for your card group, a stocking stuffer or a gift for yourself. See them on our website

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