Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Exciting New Work from Dina Wilde-Ramsing

We've gotten in some great new work from Dina Wilde-Ramsing.

Dina talks about her work - "I have been a potter for 25 years, and my affection for clay is very strong.

I take great pleasure in being tied to the long stretch of artistic tradition which clay represents.

Although my work is contemporary in design, it carries the influence of geology, history, archaeology.

I make many types of clay work, some of which are purely decorative. However, I consider the content of my serious work to be narrative, figurative, and personally symbolic.

I would like for these symbols to establish an intimate connection between the viewer and myself. Animal and architectural imagery in my work refers to the search for sanctuary, support, and comfort, forces which shelter and transport us through life.

Dina Wilde-Ramsing


Dina Wilde-Ramsing, born in Asheville, NC, holds a BA in anthropology from UNC-CH and a BS from ECU. Her teaching experience includes workshops, public schools and 16 years as ceramic instructor at Cape Fear Community College. She has been a professional artist since 1985.

To see the particulars about these pieces visit our website.

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