Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Vicki Grant

We took a road trip on Sunday to ceramic artist Vicki Grant's studio.

Her work is fabulous, contemporary and colorful!

An inspiring view of a lake, a studio full of beads, glass, shells, driftwood and other found objects, a wheel, a slabroller and a very creative artist all come together to make amazing art.

About the Artist

Vicki graduated from the University of Maryland School of Architecture and has been practicing architecture for over 25 years. The focus of her work, be it Architecture or Art, has been towards creating visual experiences that engage the viewer both intellectually and emotionally.

Description of Process

“I have always felt that the most amazing forms, structure, color and textures are found within nature and that exposure to these elements have been my inspiration and teacher”.

Sketching is the inception of the thought; It brings an idea to a page that then allows me to move forward to transform the clay to reflect the original conceptual thought. After firing, oil pigments are hand applied, layer after layer, until the final patina of rich hues is achieved.

My studio is filled with interesting natural objects. Porcupine quills, fossils, stones, feathers, wood and shells are incorporated into the piece, again enriching the visual and intellectual experience.

We have pieces available for purchase on our website click here!

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