Sunday, November 15, 2009

Peppermint Patty Francoeur

This photo haunts me, I guess she seems so far away and alone.

We lost Pepper on November 6.

Pepper had started coughing once in a while in early October but she acted fine otherwise. It was may 3 or 4 times then she stopped.

About the 2nd week of October Lucy got really sick so I took them both to the Doctor. Turns out Lucy has kidney failure and tumors. At 17 we cherish every day we have with her.

But Pepper who has never been sick in her 13 years turns out had lymphoma and we didn't even know it. It went so fast.

Breaks my heart.

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  1. Jan-I am so sorry. We've had the same thing happen--Ulysses (also a black cat), who had feline leukemia (before the vaccine) and, years later, Katie, who I happened to see drag a foot. Once. What I thought was a pinched nerve was lymphoma. We lost both within a few days of their diagnoses. I felt very shocked, sad and guilty--how could we not know they were unwell? But animals are so good at hiding their illnesses.

    Your fur babies know they are and were loved and will always be in your hearts.

    You are in my thoughts.