Friday, November 06, 2009

Meet the artist Deb Karash

We have represented North Carolina jeweler Deb Karash for several years. We love the detail of here work and it's most unusual.

Deb fuses copper, silver, brass and colored pencil into wearable art! She first applies layers of colored pencil to a textured copper surface, she then suspends the copper over sterling to give each additional dimension.

When we asked her about her work she said "Jewelry, for me, is really about intimacy.

Windows, layering, and texture are metaphor for the mystery and richness of personalities. Jewelry becomes a part of people’s lives, a part of their stories. I enjoy participating in the marking of significant events in their lives and hearing the stories they tell me about their jewelry.

Throughout history humans have adorned themselves in a variety of ways. I feel a part of that history, if in a very small way. I draw
inspiration from natural textures, fiber, stone, and mixed media painting and sculpture. Surface, color, and texture are as important to my work as are the forms themselves.

I’m constantly grateful to be able to make my living doing something that I love so much. I hope that the joy of making will always be evident in my work.

To see more of Deb's work on our website click here.

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