Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy Time!

Since my last post Michael and I have been to Philadelphia where I did three presentations on blogging, we were runner up for best website and best customer newsletter, we saw lots of our artists whose work we carry and found some exciting things for the gallery for the fall and holidays.

Our Christmas committee is working on our Dickens of a Christmas promotion, coming up with some great new ideas. Today Carol from the Arts Council and I started working on new story boards to add to the "Christmas Carol" that goes in store windows.

We're planning the next ArtWalk coming up September 11. We'll have new art by Brenda Behr, (her painting of Bald Head Lighthouse is shown here), Bill Lease, John Furches, T Rader and I might have a new piece for it. The title of our show is "The Iconic Lighthouse."

We'll be going to a show in New York soon and I'm going to a meeting tomorrow night about the party planned for our city's 300th anniversary. Yikes!

The only thing I wish is that I had more time to paint.

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