Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meet our new artist Peggy Crago

Peggy tells us a little about herself - Perhaps because of growing up in a large family with no room for clutter, I came to appreciate things that were both functional and beautiful. I enjoy experimenting with classical forms and color, adding a whimsical twist. As new ideas emerge, old ones are often retired. My studio looks out onto my organic garden. Between gardening and pottery, it seems like my hands are never clean.

A long background in the fine and graphic arts, including 15 years of sign painting, developed brush and layout abilities; but it was when I took my first pottery class in the early 90s to that my direction in art radically changed.

I was so excited that, driving to class, my heart would pound and it was hard to breathe. Thankfully, it was an open studio. Barring other obligations, I could be there from 7 in the morning till 10 at night.

I was especially drawn to majolica with its bright colors and enduring elegance; and, as it turns out, it's a pretty good match for someone who likes to paint! I work alone to preserve the sense of flow from beginning to end in the work, and because new ideas are often born in the quiet and solitude.

My work is in galleries across the country and has been exhibited in national shows, including the Strictly Functional Pottery National. In 2002 I won the award for Best Functional Pottery at the statewide Colorado Clay exhibition at the Foothills Art Center in Golden, and in 2006, the award for excellence in category at the Crested Butte Festival of the Arts."

We're thrilled to have Peggys work. As you know I make tiles myself so am especially drawn to her work.

As always, photos don't do it justine, please stop in to see! More pieces are featured on our website - see them by clicking here Carolina Creations Peggy Crago.

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