Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Road Trip

I just back back from a trip picking up the pottery for our Circle of Eight pottery show. A friend and I drove to Wilmington to pick up pieces from Dina Wilde-Ramsing. She's doing great as usual and getting ready to teach a week long ceramic sculpture class at Odessy in Asheville.

I have 7 of her pieces in my own collection.

Then we went on to see Justine and pick up work from her. As always it was a treat to see her and Guy.

From there we went on to Charlotte. Unfortunately several of the sites I intended to take in (including the Mint) were closed on Monday (one reason Carolina Creations is open 7 days a week). It was disappointing but since we were downtown we walked around a little bit.

It didn't appear that Charlotte is suffering from the economy, there is a lot of building going on. We really enjoyed all the public art and are glad that the Arts Council in New Bern has taken on getting some public art placed here.

We picked up the rest of the pottery for the Circle of Eight show and then went to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. It's about 10 miles south of Charlotte and we were really impressed. The photos just don't do it justice. It is huge, very cleverly designed and well maintained.

What brought it to my attention is a new Orchid Conservatory. I've grown and painted orchids for years.

Then on the way home we stopped in Mt Olive to look for the pickle factory and to shoot this photo.

They have a very clever website you should look at and maybe take a trip over that way.

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  1. Jan!

    I love your blog! No doubt I'll be reading the archived posts.

    Dina is also one of my favorite artists. I had the privilege of meeting her at Carolina Designer Craftsmen a couple of years ago, and we got to talk more last year.

    Thank you for sharing this information--it's wonderful to know your vision and the stories behind the artists and art at Carolina Creations.