Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day - 2009

Today is Michael's 64th birthday, or as he's been saying all day, the beginning of his 65th circumnavigation of the sun! He's had some other things to say too that I won't mention here.

So we took the day off and drove down to Beaufort and had a leisurely lunch at Finz. It's not at all fancy but the crab dip is great, the food is basic but good, but the real reason we like it is because you sit over the water and watch the boats come through Beaufort inlet.

When my sister and brother in law were here a month ago we went down there too. I intended to post a couple photos then but never did. So here they are! One of my favorite drives in the world is the drive along Front Street. You're driving along the water with Carrot Island just a few hundred feet away.

When Betsey was here one of the things she said she wanted to do was to see some of the wild horses. I groaned because you could go there 100 times and not see any. They (the horses) live on Carrot Island (or as our friend John calls it Pony Poop Island because when you're hiking out there you need to watch your step!)

Well we saw no less than 24 horses that day!

What I love the most is the Live Oaks at the end of the street.

Happy Birthday Michael!

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