Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sculptures by Jeff Price

Welcome to our newest artist Jeff Price.

Just in, fabulous kinetic sculptures that creates a strong, unique, optical illusion as they rotate - it appears that the marbles are either rising or falling. They are 24" tall with a powder coated, baked on paint. Jeff blows the large marbles one at a time, each an original work of art.

The wind twirlers rotate in the wind if outside, if inside they are rotated by hand or with a battery operated spinner (available in the gallery).

Many buy them for the beauty of the large marble as much as for the illusion. A screw eye and a very strong string for hanging are also included, along with instructions.

The year Jeff was born was the year his father built his first glass-blowing studio in their back yard. Both of Jeff's parents blew glass for many years. From an early age he would watch them with wonderment. They were having such great fun that he knew he wanted to blow glass when he "grew up."

Jeff has his own state-of-the art glass blowing studio with an electric furnace ( to provide the cleanest and brightest glass), two glory holes, an iridizing unit, grinding and polishing equipment.

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