Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Touring Club

I've been hearing about a couple ladies here in town, Barbara Lubsen and Libbie Griffin that have put together a touring club that travels near and far and puts together great experiences like:
Carolina Arts & Music - Opera, Symphony, Ballet and Choir Tours
Big City Tours - New York City with a stop en route in Washington DC Nov 30-Dec 5 Christmastime Tour of Charleston Dec 16-18

I particularly think these one day trips are great!
A Farm Family's Life - a NC farm, a winery & the Tobacco Farm Life Museum Nov 13
Autumn in the Garden - Montrose Gardens, Niche Gardens & Multiflora Greenhouses
Holiday Treasures in Our Capitol - Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, Governor's Mansion & State Capitol
The Epicurean Club - A day trip to special markets in Raleigh

I hope to be able to go on a trip or two with them myself one of these days. If you go email me and tell me about it!

Their website is

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