Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another View from the Porch

You probably think I do nothing but hang out on the porch!!

Not true but there is a lot going on just outside my window.

Friends of ours who have spent some time on the porch say it's like watching tv!

This weekend was the Mum Fest. The streets were full of people, food, crafts and entertainment. I wouldn't like it all the time but for a couple days it's fun to look out the window and see bumper cars and a ferris wheel.

Changing the subject, some of my friends do a painting a day that they sell on their blogs. I paint every day, not a painting necessarily, I decorate a lot of pottery that Michael makes. I also do tiles and wall hangings.

I'm going to start posting pieces here as I finish them.

Using white earthenware Michael throws the pieces on his wheel, we then bisque fire it, I decorate it with underglazes then add a clear glaze over it. We fire it again and vuala, it's done!

This piece is a bowl, decorated inside and out, is approx 11" and cost $74. I paint each piece by hand, while I do variations on the same theme, I always vary it. I could do a special piece just for you, add your words, names and dates. Personalization adds $8 to the cost.

This piece is available for purchase by clicking here

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