Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ada Mae - View from the Porch

Last Sunday was a beautiful day.

The Ada Mae which is docked at the base of Pollock Street, right across the street from my house.

She is a North Carolina Skip Jack that is owned by the Carolina Coastal Classroom a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to provide environmental education programs promoting understanding and appreciation of our coastal waters and maritime heritage through hands-on shipboard educational experiences. The centerpiece of this program is the environmental education curricula taught onboard the skipjack ADA MAE.

The skipjack ADA MAE was built in 1915 in Rose Bay, North Carolina.

Programs provide educational opportunities for students of diverse racial, ethnic, socio-economic and educational backgrounds. Students participating in these programs learn about themselves, their abilities, their environment and their maritime heritage through hands-on experiential education. Trained educators serve as the crew and will conduct the onboard "classroom."

Shipboard experiences involve team-building and practical applications of shipboard skills using math, science, ecology, social studies, reading, writing, computer science and critical thinking.

Shipboard experiences and skills are linked to achievement expectations from the North Carolina Department of Education Standard Courses of Study for certain public school core curricula. Shipboard curricula include water quality analysis, marine life studies, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics, sail theory, navigation and studies in environmental stewardship.

Students participate by steering the ship, raising and lowering the sails, dredging and trawling for oysters, fish, crabs, shrimp and plankton to be used for onboard study, making weather observations and discussing environmental concerns affecting marine life in surrounding waters.

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