Friday, July 28, 2017

Winchester to Cuyahoga Valley National Park

After I left Winchester I drove to Berkeley Springs and on the way into town I saw some cairns and had to stop. I don't know why I'm so fascinated with them but I am, after all they are just a human made pile of rocks.

They are built for a lot of different reasons - to mark a trail, to mark a burial spot, or just for decoration. I pulled into the parking lot and  I was met by Lori and her husband Bill.

They took me for a walk around the grounds showing me the cairns, river rocks sculptures, and faces they carve out of rocks. The gallery is called the Artists of Merrywood. We went to the back and saw the beautiful garden his mother has created when not sewing custom teddy bears out of a loved ones shirt or mink stole.

True artists, they live and work in their 8 room house, 2 rooms are living space and 6 are gallery and work space.

It was a treat to be able to take my time, something I haven't had the luxury to do in many many years.

I stopped to see my friends, the Drumms, in Akron. I've known this family for many many years and have carried the artwork of three of them - pewter and aluminum by Don - pewter and glass by Linnea - and wood and leather by Elisa.

Their grounds are beautiful and they had these two great cars in their parking lot.

Driveable art!

From there I started North and when I saw the exit for Cuyahoga Falls I took it and got on 303, much to the chagrin of my travel companion who kept saying turn right at the next intersection turn right at the next intersection.

What a beautiful drive. I cannot pass by a good looking nursery and Suncrest Gardens was one of those. I know I'm going to be on the road for a while so what am I doing buying plants.... I can't help myself.

Then came Pennisula, Ohio. all my favorite things rolled into one tiny town, population 600, neat architecture, beautiful flowers, a bike trail, a river, a railroad and galleries.

It's in the middle of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

If you are my age you will remember the Cuyahoga River caught on fire in 1969 because it was so polluted. this incident is what spurred the environmental movement which I'm afraid our current administration is trying to tear down.

It's the only national park in Ohio and of course I left home without my national park stamp book. But I know I'll be back. You can ride the trail on your bike and get on the train for a ride back to your car. The train ride is about three and a half hours long. The ticket is good for all day so you can board at Rockside and get off at Penninsula, then Akron, then catch the next train back to where you started from.

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