Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New Chapter

Today was my last official day at Carolina Creations! I'll still be helping a little until Virginia is comfortable with all our moving parts, she will still be selling my paintings, pottery, and all the other art I make. The difference is that I'll just have more time to do the artwork.

It's been 27 years! Wow!

I'm excited about my new chapter, with more time to make art, explore, visit, travel, garden, read, and stare out at the river. My only regret is that Michael isn't here to share it with me.

I've made so many good friends through Carolina Creations, met thousands of people, hundreds of artists, it's been wonderful.

I'll continue to write this blog, and share all my new work, travels, even new things at Carolina Creations.

I've been doing quite a few commissions, LOTS of pottery, and I'm getting ready to do some mosaic work.

Here is one of the commissions I just finished.

And another that is almost done.

Have a great day, Jan.

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