Saturday, November 12, 2016

Colorado Return Part 4 Aspen

Yes there were a lot of new buildings in Aspen but it pretty much seemed the same as when we were there.

There are some neat sculptures, like this man, around town. They made you do a double take!

We stayed at the Limelight, a beautiful property in a great location. Park your car and walk everywhere in town.

The view out our hotel room window!

The Wheeler Opera House. We saw a lot of great performances there in the 80s. It was renovated in about 1985 and they are getting ready to do it again.


Top of the Pitkin County Court House. It used to be if you were approached at the post office and asked if you lived here - you said no - if you said yes they would hand you a summons to go immediately to the courthouse to serve jury duty.

I used to work at the Aspen Times, loved it. The Jerome has purchased the site for expansion.

One of the few funky shops left in Aspen.

The Explore Booksellers. Katherine Thalberg owned it in the 80s and she really liked me for some reason. I did drawings of her homes and shop. It's now owned by a non profit from Denver and has the same wonderful selection of books and feel as it used to have.

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