Friday, November 04, 2016

Colorado Return Part 2 Four Mile Creek B and B to Redstone

We stayed with Deb's fiends that own the Four Mile Creek Bed and Breakfast, interesting folks with a charming B and B.

Here are some photos from their grounds.

We drove to Redstone where I sold my work at the Redstone Art Center. We would go to the Redstone Inn for Champagne Sunday Brunch, 22 miles as the crow flies and 47 by car. It was a beautiful drive and the food was great so it was worth it.

This is Mount Sopris, as seen from Glenwood, we could also see it from our house up valley in Aspen. Mount Sopris is notable for having two summits, East and West Sopris and each have the elevation of 12,965 feet.

The coke ovens in Redstone were built in the late 1800's to turn the coal from the mines into coke, which burned hot enough to smelt steel to make railroad tracks.

My drawing

The Redstone Castle was not occupied when we were there, and we understand it's being converted into a luxury hotel and spa.

My drawing

It was awesome to be there.
Next post - the Monestary and Windstar.

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