Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Visiting my artist friends Steve and Sara Fabrico

I don't exactly remember when I first met Steve - it was at a show maybe 10 years ago. I bought some of his pieces and he told me he was doing a workshop in his studio. I flew up and spent a wonderful weekend with him and it has influenced my sculpture (when I have time to do it) tremendously.

We hit if off right away and we began representing Steve at Carolina Creations, we see each other a couple times a year and they have visited us at our home in New Bern many times.

He and Sara have a beautiful home and studio - the studio is in an old converted chicken coop that is about 15' wide by maybe 60' long. Half is Steve's and half is Sara's, she is a florist and gardener. They met at SUNY  New Paltz where both were in the ceramics department.

Here is just a glimpse around their beautiful grounds that Sara has planted, and some of Steve's pieces he is working on.

We had a wonderful visit and I had a tune up on tricks and techniques in hand building.

Thanks to you both.

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