Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Slow Blogging

It was a hectic spring, our home on the tour, lots of commissions including the awards for the Craven Community College Fabric Awards, lots of baby sets and banks, wedding and anniversary platters, and a trip planned, then cut short. More about that later.

Our trip started at Appomattox, although we had been in the area many times we never stopped. If you don't remember your history it's where General Lee surrendered to General Grant, ending the Civil War. The park is very well done. 

This one is not my photo, it's off their website but it shows the parks village. The house on the left is where the papers were signed.

Then Skyline Drive heading north, camped with a bunch of people hiking the A. T. 

They were in their tiny tents, we were in our rv, my kind of camping.

Visited friends near Hagerstown, MD, this beautiful stone bridge is right by their home.

Moved on to PA. The historic part of Jim Thorpe PA is a beautiful little town in a narrow valley.
Love the architecture!

From here we headed to Rutland, VT then headed home.

A trip cut short but enjoyed what we had.

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