Saturday, March 26, 2016

Top Picks from Jan

I dislike all those lists on the internet where you have to scroll through many, many pages to get through. But I do like to read what they have to say.

I thought it would be fun to ask each of our staff what their four favorite things we have at Carolina Creations right now are, and why!

I'll start.

1. Lately I've been loosing my phone and keys. Not once in a while but almost every day! I used to always carry both in my pants pockets but my new phone is too heavy and keys to bulky, and when I took them out of my pockets I would never put them in the same place twice. So I started carrying a small purse that I wear all the time. It's hand crafted of course! When I take it off it's big enough that I can always find it. We've got many of these small purses and my favorite is this hide and leather bag.

2. Even though we have been carrying their work for a couple of years I just love the garden art poles, And I love that fact that they come out with new ones and discontinue old. I have one on our porch and it makes me feel good whenever I see it. Not only do they make poles but also bird houses, pots for plants, and bird baths.

3. One of the biggest challenges I have in finding new work for the gallery is finding hand crafted gifts that cost less than $20. I'm happy to say we have dozens and dozens of items that cost less than $20 and this one is part of a series of cards that contain seeds and a garden marker. The paper pot is embedded with seeds, so you just tear it us and bury the pieces, and water. The garden marker is made from old silverware. Very clever, very sweet.

4.  And we have some wonderful original pieces of artwork, my favorite right now is this linocut by William Hays. I love the image and since I have done some linocuts I know how much work they are. I did a blog post about how he does them, here is a link.

Of course there isn't much I don't love at Carolina Creations but at the moment these are my top four!

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