Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Coastal Carolina with a Touch of Provence

Brenda Behr will be our featured artist for the months of November and December, with her new show "Coastal Carolina with a Touch of Provence".

Brenda talks about her show...

Having been a landlubber for over thirty years in Minnesota, has increased my appreciation of our coast. Nothing is more freeing to me than standing on the beach and painting to the roar of the surf.

 If one’s state of mind can be linked to the state of one’s art, then surely my plein air coastal paintings make for some of my best art. My paintings of Provence are thrown in as a counterpoint. 

Mostly, they are included because I was just there recently and had the opportunity to paint on some of the same stomping grounds where Paul Cezanne and Van Gogh more than a hundred years ago were initiating the term plein air painting.

We hope you'll stop in and talk to Brenda on November 13 during ArtWalk from 5-8 pm.

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