Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Volis Simpson Park in Wilson

We had visited Volis Simpsons farm many times to see him and his Whirlygigs. 

Through the years they had begun to be out of repair and he realized he could no longer keep them up so he allowed Wilson Downtown Development Corporation, Wilson Downtown Properties, City of Wilson, and the North Carolina Arts Council to put together a plan to repair and restore his pieces and to create a park in Wilson for them.

We hated the thought of them being moved but today on our way back from Durham we stopped to check it out. (The quality of these videos was a LOT better on my phone!)

They have installed about 15 pieces so far and it was wonderful to see them in action again!

The park still has a ways to go but we could see that they are working on it. It will be a real treasure and a boon to Wilson's economy when complete.

Volis died in 2013, he was in his nineties and worked on his whirligigs right to up six months before his death.

I have written other blog posts about his art and you can see the whirligigs in their original locate click here to read post click here to read post 2.

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