Sunday, March 08, 2015

More tree of life

As I shared in a previous post the symbol of the tree of life has been finding its way into our gallery over the past few years, and just lately it has become an explosion!

Our newest is stained glass sun catchers by Beth Cunningham.

Beth has been working in stained glass for nearly 32 years. Her work has been greatly influenced by summers she spent in Adirondacks.

      She tries to capture the gorgeous natural beauty of this region in her pieces. Tumbled rocks, bits
of natural stone add detail along with the fine hand fabricated wire overlays. Trees are her main focus! She really strives to capture the essence of hand in nature, similar, but close up very different.

      Beth talks about her work…  “As a young girl I was always creating something - anything, a roll of tape, a scissor, a box – was all I need to create, I decorated my room as a child with hand painted posters, as well as my dorm room in college. Searching for roadside cast-offs to add to my decor, perfect on a college students' income, I always had a unique look. Everyone talked about my creative choices.

      Graduating from college with a degree in Art Education, I taught for 37 years. While completing my master's degree, I took a class in stained glass and as they say, the rest is history.  Glass work is the perfect medium for me. It's been my career since 1977.

    Trees are my current subject matter. Who doesn't love a tree? Recently I've ventured into spirit guides, influenced by my travels to the Southwest as well as my interest in ancient rock art. “­­­

What a beautiful gift.

Stop in and see them all!

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