Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bird feeders from Steve Fabrico 

Watch a chickadee feeding in one of Steve Fabricos bird feeders! Click on the image. 

Thank you Lou Plummer for sharing the video!

Steve had been telling us that he has lots of feeders in his yard and the birds zoom in and out all day. Well here is proof!
Each of these feeders is hand crafted in high fired stoneware. They are to withstand freezing weather so are safe to leave outside, even during the worst weather.

Steve created the piece above in 2 halves, then put them together, cut the hole, and added the perch.

After allowing to dry (may take weeks depending on the weather) he bisque fires, then applies his glazes by spraying.
The bird is made from a mold Steve made himself. He is a master mold maker but also uses found objects for some of his molds. of you that know his work might be surprised that the base of some of his sculptures is made from those yellow cones that say "wet floor"!

Click to see his page on our website with prices and how to purchase.

- Jan Francoeur

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