Saturday, November 01, 2014

Clay Baskets

In 1970 Phil and Gail Sellers graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute where Phil majored in painting and Gail majored in Industrial Design. Both minored in ceramics with Ken Ferguson and pottery became their passion. In 1978 their talents were put to use when they founded River Hill Pottery.

Over the past forty four years their interest has shifted from wheel throwing to hand building. Using coils to lattice developed into weaving the coiled pieces. The first coils were hand rolled individually, but as the experience of weaving the clay developed the focus shifted. 
They began working with extruded clay, which gave them the opportunity to create their own dies and spend more time with weaving patterns. Developing molds that they could weave over, has led them to the forms and shapes they now use. 

Their signature series have unique extrusions and weaving patterns. These baskets have unusual carved rims that look like wood and are signed and dated.

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