Saturday, August 02, 2014

Pocket Monkey Clever Tool

We sometimes find our most clever things as we are shopping in other places. It's like a busman's holiday, shopping when we are traveling. I spotted this cool tool, and purchased one "just because" in January when we were in a science shop in Manyunk. It looked neat and was made in the USA. Always looking for things for our men's section.

So when we got home I tracked them down and they are a big hit!!
This SUPER thin tool can just about save your world in almost EVERY circumstance!
 It fits perfectly in your wallet to ensure you ALWAYS have it on you!

...AND if that wasn't enough.. it's only 1 ounce!
I mean, come on... Would you rather carry this around all day?

Yeah, we wouldn't either! Now, for it's features! Drumroll please....
The obvious bottle cap opener, but who doesn't have one of those hanging around on a belt or keychain?! We need MORE!! a banana nicker!

OR for the forgetful who always loses their keys.. a DOOR LATCH SLIP to get inside!

FLATHEAD SCREWDRIVER! One of the most commonly needed tools - now in your back pocket! Need we say more.

HEX WRENCHES! 5 sizes of standard English hex-bolt/nut wrenches nested into one another. Slip the tool over a bolt-head and slide sideways until you find the right size. Convenient and easy to use!
A FLAT PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER?? That's right! The cross blade isn't the key to the phillips head pattern. It's the angled tip. This novel 2-D phillips screwdriver works!
PHONE KICKSTAND! Insert your credit card to make a stand for your touch phone.
Now you can measure those small details that life throws at you!
By now, we know what your thinking... I HAVE TO BUY ONE FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW!
And guess what! YOU CAN!!! Just check out our website and order away! Click Right Here.


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    What a tool! Does it have directions on all the varius uses?