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Plein Air Workshop with Dan Nelson October 2014

Plein Air Workshop with Dan Nelson
October 17-19, 2014
You can do 1, 2 or 3 days.
       1/2 day Friday is drawing 6-9 pm, Saturday 10-4 plein air, and Sunday plein air 10-4 and/or in studio. For weekend $250, only Friday $55, only Saturday $110, only Sunday $110. Saturday and Sunday $220. We need 12 people for the workshop to go forward, It will take place in New Bern.

Learning to paint outside can be intimidating...if not down-right scary. The real world seems so overwhelming when you are accustomed to painting from photographs. And then there are issues with equipment, the elements, dogs, kids, wildlife, bugs, lunch...and not getting arrested!

     Dan Nelson is one of North Carolina's most intrepid plein air painters.

     He can be seen working on beautiful paintings all across our state and beyond in nearly every kind of weather and setting. He is anxious to share what he has learned from his many experiences with those who are ready to "jump into the deep end" of scenic painting.

     In this class he will cover his "Six Secrets of Successful Landscape Painting" plus all the ins-and-outs of painting outside. Don't be left wondering how to construct a captivating landscape.

     These secrets are not only key, so is their order. Students will learn the step-by-step throught process that results in landscapes that turn heads - focused light - intentional composition - rich texture - inviting perspective, balanced color, believeable objects.

Supply list
This is not a medium-specific class but Dan is going to paint with acrylics for his underpainting, and oils on top.
     You may use Dan's acrylics if you don't want to bring your own. If you don't want to use oils, you may finish your painting with your own acrylics.

      The following list is ONLY for people who feel the need for some guidance. If you already have paint the colors you have are just fine.


Warm blue (like Phthalo blue), cool blue (Ultramarine Blue), warm red (Naphthol Scarlet), cool red (Alizarine Crimson), warm yellow (Indian Yellow), cool yellow (Lemon), burnt sienna, raw umber, titanium white, medium  Golden or Liquitex medium
Warm blue (Phthalo Cyan), cool blue (Ultramarine Blue Deep), warm red (Naphthol), Cool red (Alizarine), warm yellow (Yellow Deep), cool yellow (Hansa or Lemon), raw umber, red oxide, titanium white.
Optional purple (Dioxazin), green (Sap or Permanent or Viridian, yellow ochre, ivory black
Medium for Oils
Charvin Quick Dry Painting Medium or Winson Newton Liquin
Any normal assortment of bristle brushes will do. but you must have at least one brush 2" wide. My favorites are filbert bristle brushes. For signing my paintings I use a high quality watercolor brush size 2.
Bring 4 smallish canvasses from 10 x 12" to 16 x 20", plus one larger one 16 x 20 up to 24 x 30
Plein Air Easel
You must bring an easel for painting outsoors.

Friday night of the workshop is optional, Friday October 17 from 5-9 pm, where we will concentrate on drawing.
Saturday and Sunday October 18 and 19 10-4, will be painting.

We will meet at the Francoeur's Studio at 229 E Front Street, each day. Friday night will be in their studio, Saturday and Sunday will be outdoors.

Please arrive early so we can start on time!

Bring your lunch so we don't miss any painting time.

Questions? Give us a call at 252-633-4369

About Dan - If you combine three parts painter, two and a half parts musician, a pound or two of inventor, and a heaping tablespoon of show-off . . . you just might come up with a Dan Nelson, Art Adventurer Extraordinaire. Dan made his living for decades as a freelance illustrator, winning competitions in everything from street painting to sand sculpture. At the same time he began mesmerizing audiences by producing 8-by-10-foot masterpieces in the streets and parks of Raleigh, North Carolina, his hometown. Besides setting up his plein air easel anywhere from California to Cote d'azur, Dan spends much of his time doing Live Art Performances in cities large and small, painting at festivals, concerts, and fund-raisers. He has painted for the NC Symphony, the Carolina Hurricanes, IBM, Glaxo Smith Kline, and many of the major Corporations across the Triangle and beyond.

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