Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kymm Hughes fused glass

There is a lot of fused glass out there so we are thrilled when we find something new!!

Kim was born in Southern California and blessed with a passion to create things. She can never think of a time in her life where she said she was bored; crazy, inventive, and sometimes silly ideas have always dominated her thought process.

While in school, she was blessed to have a second and fifth grade teacher that saw her potential and encouraged and challenged her in the artistic area. Once she reached junior and senior high, she enrolled in a variety of art classes. 

She went on to college at K.U. with no clear direction. She stayed one year, moved back home and then attended a junior college in Fullerton, California. She was there for two years and took mainly art classes and was encouraged once again by professors to pursue an art degree. With her portfolio in hand, she applied at Pasadena Art Center in Pasadena California. 
She worked at Nordstrom’s in Southern California, eventually becoming a manager, through that experience she gained much knowledge in merchandising, and enjoyed the interaction with the customers.

Shen then enrolled at W. U. where she graduated in 2000 with a BFA. Washburn is also where she discovered the world of fused glass. She finally found a medium that she was passionate about.

She started her teaching summer art camps in her basement and eventually taught fused glass at Washburn University.

See more of her pieces on our website.

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